About Us

Tuna Printing House was established to meet increasing business demands on time and the high quality of its subsidiary company, Yıldırım Publications in 1994.

Tuna Printing House started to construct its premises on 11.000 m2 land with 8.000 m2 indoor area in Şaşmaz-Ankara in 1999 to meet the increasing business demands and has been servicing in its new premises since August 2001.

In line with the increasing business volume, our indoor space utilization has reached to 19.000 m2 since 2013 with the commissioning of the additional building with its 11.000 m2 paper and board storage capacity , where completed, packaged, binded and palletized products are also stored.

Constructed by considering the most up-to-date requirements of Publication and Printing sector, we continue to make new investments in the same way for the customer satisfaction in our new premises,  which is the final result of the renewal of our machinery, technology utilization, personnel training, and efficiency.

Since it was established, Tuna Printing House aims to deliver the works to the publishers of the textbook, sourcebook and test book in highest quality within the shortest time

The total number of employees working in the printing house is 115 including the administrative staff. This number of personnel is sufficient for a printing house with daily production capacity over 8.000.000 copies and 500.000 end products. The main reason behind that is our investments in advancing technology, automation and our researches to increase the productivity throughout the production process. 

We aim to produce your publications on time and satisfying your quality expectations which are prepared with great effort and care and meanwhile to contribute your competition power with our pricing policy.