You can send your works to us in digital media. Your Works, which reach us in PDF format, are scanned by PDF control[…]


Komori Lithrone S-40 is an offset printing machine which has proven itself with its printing quality and[…]

Coldset – Web Ofset

In our printing house, there are 3 independently working Tensor brand eight-unit web offset press and one[…]

Heatset – Web Ofset

There is one Man Roland Uniset 75 eight-unit Heatset web offset in our printing house. High quality[…]

Perfect Binding

The printed copies are transferred to our binding department as 120 cm length copy logs which are stacked[…]

Saddle Stitching

Our Presto Saddle Stitching machine serves to produce your orders such as booklets and brochures[…]

Folding & HSA Ink Jet Printing

The copies which are printed in our offset machine can be arranged to intended dimensions by folding[…]

Storage & Shipping

Your printed, blinded, packaged and palletized orders are stored for delivery in our warehouse[…]