Perfect Binding

Robust, Durable, Fast…

The printed copies are transferred to our binding department as 120 cm length copy logs which are stacked precisely and vacuumed. They are placed in the feeder stands which are located in the rotary gatherer. Each feeder can contain 120 cm length, 3 logs via special purpose crane system automatically.

All of the processes are finalized automatically including the rotary gathering feeder, image, and thickness comparison to prevent intermingling of the copies, all tuning relevant to the binding, trimming, counting and stacking, packaging processes.


Provides bookbinding with completely computer controlled spine preparation with Minumum 100 mm x 140 mm, Maximum 320 mm x 510 mm dimensions, 2 mm – 60 mm spine thickness, gluing (optional PUR Gluing), creasing line, cover binding and perfect tree knife trimmers  and fully automated packaging at high speed and of high quality.

Aa a result of 3 work shifts in a business day, 500.000 books can be binded daily.

This is to say that a performance far beyond today’s standards, such as the daily processing of approximately 300 tons of paper and their preparation for delivery.