Heatset – Web Ofset

Vibrant, Colorful, Qualified…

There is one Man Roland Uniset 75 eight-unit Heatset web offset in our printing house. High quality and rapid printing can be achieved on coated papers and uncoated papers due to MegTech Dual-Dry ovens, MegTech Chiller units and Weiko silicon units which are available behind each line of the printing towers. 

Rima RS600 log stacker and RS650 palletization systems are available at the delivery outlets of our Uniset 75 Heatset web offset machine. It is possible to print large circulation of works in a very short time and of high quality with the most up to date technological equipment of Unitset 75. Large reels up to 127 cm in diameter can be used in our machines.

In addition, the CIP 3 system which eliminates waste and time loss the data of color values in the plates obtained from CTP are read by the printing machines and during the printing process, the color values are made ready before going to printing. The camera system in our machines continuously controls the register shifts that may occur during printing and provides a perfect printing quality.

A total of 16 pages of 1.800.000 copies in our machine can be produced in 3 shifts per day.

You can print your works such as; large-circulation magazines, books and inserts in our Uniset 75 machine in high quality.

By means of Man Roland 2.3.3 folding, from 8 up to 64 pages of newspaper can be printed as heatset at a time, if desired.

If you wish, your products can be delivered as stitched with the Tolerans brand inline stitching system which is located at the folder.

The gluing application can be made on the copies at your request.


Man Roland Uniset 75

  • Maximum Reel Width: 914mm
  • 4 Colors (Total 8 Units)
  • 45-120 gr/m² Range Paper Feed
  • 000 Copies/Hour (Daily 1.800.000 Copies/16 Pages
  • Man Roland 2.3.3 Kfn Folder (Tabloid-Quarter Fold)